The word ZIRAN means “nature” in Chinese.
The natural state of the constantly unfolding universe and of all things within it when both are allowed to develop in accord with the Cosmic Way……(WRITTEN BY Matt Stefon)

I shot men’s suits and women’s dresses at the Ling Xiao Long SIM in Fantasy fair 2021.

ZIRANとは、中国語で「自然」という意味。世界とそこに内包される全ては、宇宙の法則に基づいて絶えず展開している・・・(WRITTEN BY Matt Stefon)

ペアでデザインされたメンズスーツとドレスを、ファンタジーフェアのLing Xiao Long SIMにて撮影しました。


ZIRAN Dress / LUXE Paris
ZIRAN Suit / LUXE Paris
C.Zuri’s Summer Moon Bracelet
Sheedra’s Horns (Fantasy Faire 2021 Quest Gift) / .EscalateD.
.::GB:: Ryujin Dragon / Gabriel
Hair : ~ NO_SILVER ~ / no.match
Hair : Knox / Exile
Location : Paer Thura SIM in Fantasy Fair 2021

Ninja Cat @Yin Yang SIM in Fantasy fair

I’m a ninja. I will catch you who found me!!!


Glitter Dinkies / TINY INC.
Dinkies STARLIGHT EYES (Charity for American Caner Society) / Purrdora
@Featherfall SIM in Fantasy Faire

[Ay] Gofu_Onmyouji Around Red / Ade yakko
::GB:: Yin yang Dragon Necklace (Gift from Yin Yang) / Gabriel
@Yin Yang SIM in Fantasy Faire

Dinkies Ninja / Designs by Isaura
Dinkies Katana / Designs by Isaura