Seagulls yellow chair / Seaturtle blue chair – Kowloon Chair Festival 2

I have added two new chairs to Kowloon Chair Festival 2.

I redesigned the texture I designed for yacht painting as “L’s wind” into the shape of a chair. The seagulls design was a yacht-specific texture called “Flying Shadow”, which was a little difficult to operate, and it didn’t sell at all, but I liked this texture, so I used it for the chair design as well. If you like it, please take it home. If you touch the nameplate under the chair at the venue, you can receive it for free.

Kowloon Chair Festival 2に、新たに椅子を2脚追加させていただきました!もともと”L’s wind”でヨットのBandit 22 LTEと、Flying shadow用にデザインしたテクスチャです。特にカモメシリーズの方は、Flying shadowという、ちょっと操作の難しいヨット用に作ったせいか、まったく売れず・・・www、でも気に入っているデザインなので、今回の企画に便乗させていただきました!www


L’s wind’s inworld store is planning to move from the current skybox to the beach. On the beach, you can see mockups with the sale spread out. (You can’t ride it.)

L’s windのinworld storeは、今のスカイボックスから、ビーチへの移動を予定しています。ビーチには、セールを広げた状態のモックアップをご覧いただけます。(試乗はできません。)