The new location of “L’s wind” main store.

I moved the main store of “L’s wind” to the ground level and refurbished it. It used to be only a Vendor for Bandit 22 LTE textures, but I’ve added a Vendor for Flying shadow textures.

L’s windのメインストアを地上へ移転しました。今までBandit 22 LTEのテクスチャのベンダーのみでしたが、Flying shadowのテクスチャのベンダーも追加しています。

L’s wind main store

The chairs on display at Kowloon Chair Festival 2 are also here. These use the same textures as the yacht. You can only receive these for free at the Kowloon Chair Festival 2.A teleporter to Kowloon Chair Festival 2 is located next to the chair.

Kowloonのイスフェス2に出品中の椅子も置きました。ヨットと同じテクスチャを使用しています♪ 椅子はイスフェス2の会場でのみ、無料で持ち帰れます。イスフェスへのテレポーターを横に置きましたので、ご利用ください。

There is also a cafe space inside that house. Please feel free to relax.


And you can see actual yachts on the beach nearby. (You cannot test drive them.)