Short break

LUXE Paris GIVRE Bodice and Skirt

Tableau Vivant \ Water lily – Dropping

Eliavah ~ Nightbloom Hairpin

After the finalist presentation, I went to Mindful Cove. It’s a short break before running towards the Grand Finale.

ファイナリスト・プレゼンテーションが終わった後に、Mindful Coveへ行ってきました。グランドフィナーレへ向けて走り出す前の、小休止です。

The last time I came to Mindful Cove, I was mentally ill and could only shoot SS like a storm. But this time there was something good and the Finalist Presentation was over, so I was able to shoot a fairly gentle SS. It’s almost the same place as last time, but the scenery is completely different.

前回、Mindful Coveに来た時は、メンタルがしんどい状態で、嵐みたいなSSしか撮れませんでした。でも今回は少しいいことがあったのと、ファイナリスト・プレゼンテーションが終わったことで、だいぶ穏やかなSSが撮れました。www 前回とほとんど同じ場所なのに、まったく違う景色に仕上がっています。

The last time. 前回はこちら↓

I feel that the meaning of shooting SS has changed just by choosing the music and colors that suit the mood at the time of shooting. It’s kind of like an independent therapy.


Anyone interested in the Art as Mindfulness project is welcome to join the Flickr group!

Art as Mindfulnessのプロジェクトに興味のある方は、誰でも参加可能ですので、ぜひFlickrグループへ!

Now that the battery has been charged, I would like to start running toward the Grand Finale!