Art as Expression – Exhibition curated by MISS SL ♛ 2020, Ella Pavlona and MISS SL ♛ Ethiopia 2020, Tiy is open.
This is the first event of the Art as Mindfulness project, which was born within the MISS SL pageant.

Art as Expression展示会がオープンしました!MISS SL ♛ 2020のEllaと、MISS SL ♛ Ethiopia 2020のTiy が監修しています。これはMISS SL の中で誕生した、Art as Mindfulnessプロジェクトが主催する最初のイベントです。

Art as Mindfulness Flickr Group


The photos on display here are also the works of MISS SL 2021’s 2nd Photo Challenge. Each participant thinks about the shooting location and theme, and creates a work by considering the music that matches it and the color that matches the psychology at that time. Each work is exhibited near the place where it was actually shot.

ここで展示されている写真は、MISS SL 2021の2nd フォトチャレンジの作品でもあります。それぞれ参加者たちが撮影場所とテーマを考え、それに合った音楽と、その時の心理に合った色合いを考え合わせて、作品を作っています。それぞれの作品は、実際に撮影された場所の近くに展示されています。

Mindful Cove

First, teleport to Mindful Cove from the link above. Then you can find the signboard for the explanation there. When you touch the sign, you will receive a guide HUD and “How to Deal with Difficult Emotions” by Tiy. And you will get a cute original fan gift. This round fan is called “Uchiwa” in Japan.

まずは上記のリンクから、Mindful Coveへテレポートしましょう。するとそこに、説明の看板を見つけることができます。看板にタッチすると、案内用のHUDと、Tiyによる”How to Deal with Difficult Emotions”を受け取れます。そしてかわいいオリジナルのうちわのギフトをもらえます。

When you attach the received HUD and turn the page, all the works of the exhibition will be displayed as thumbnails. Touch the work you like and you can teleport it to where it is located.


When you touch the work at the venue, the author’s comment and a link to the music will be displayed in the local chat. The experience of seeing the work in the place where it was shot while listening to music is very special.


You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mindful Cove while looking around the works. This way of spending time may also be a therapy.

作品の数々を見て回りながら、Mindful Coveの美しい景色を楽しむことができます。こうした時間の過ごし方も、一つのセラピーになるかもしれません。

And I think this exhibition has succeeded in expressing the beauty and charm of MISS SL participants in a new way. It’s a great project.

そしてこの展示会は、MISS SL参加者たちの美しさと魅力を、新たな形で表現することに成功したと思います。素晴らしい企画です。

More details on these works can be found on the Art as Mindfulness Flickr Group. One of the great things about this project is that you can enjoy it both at the exhibition place and on Flickr.

これらの作品たちの詳細は、Art as Mindfulness Flickr Groupで見ることができます。展示会場とFlickr両方で楽しめるのも、この企画の素敵なところです。

This is the start of Art as Mindfulness. Various activities will be held at this place from now on. Anyone who is interested can participate.

これはArt as Mindfulnessプロジェクトのスタートです。これから様々なアクティビティが、この場所で開催されます。興味のある人は誰でも参加することができます。

For more information about Art as Mindfulness, follow us!

• Website:

• Discord: (see Art as Mindfulness)

• Group: secondlife:///app/group/f1746434-a3e2-768e-4982-fb6da309e5a1/about

There are cute animals in Mindful Cove, and the blue dove in my picture is playing under my work. Creating such an environment is also the consideration of Ella and Tiy.

Mindful Coveには、かわいい動物たちもいて、私の作品の下にも、私の写真に写っている青い鳩が遊んでいます。そんな環境作りも、EllaとTiyの心遣いです。

I want as many people as possible to know about their efforts.