Ghosts of butterflies

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Yohji Dress
Yohji Coat
Yohji Hat

You can buy the Fatpack or separately.

There are two versions of Rigged and Length:
✓ Version 1 is shorter and with a different Rigg that does not deform the shape of the dress. It is a more editorial version but also wearable if you wish.
✓ Version 2 It is longer and Rigged to the legs, more suitable for walking, dancing, Fashion Shows. Although it will deform more the shape of the dress depending on your AO.
Choose the version you prefer

Exclusive at NEO Japan 24 Sep – 16 Oct 2022

Scene : zeroichi
Light Passage at ACCESS 12 Sep – 8 Oct 2022

Props : {anc}
butterfly’s ghost at UBER 25 – 22 Sep 2022