An astronaut

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She never gave up on her dream, and now she’s exploring the universe.


🚗 Cyberpunk Fair 6 – 31 May 2023

Discovery Jacket and Helmet

Black Cats Creations
Nova Set Panties and Belt

Hair CP020

Bunker V backdrop


Short story :

Once upon a time, there was a girl who dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Despite being told by those around her that it was impossible, she never gave up on her dream.

Although her family supported her aspirations, they tragically lost their lives to illness when the girl was still young. The dream of becoming an astronaut seemed impossible, and she gave up on it.

However, the girl had exceptional physical ability and was academically gifted, earning a scholarship to attend university. While excelling in sports and academics, she caught the attention of an organization.

The organization specialized in missions that involved combat and danger. Despite the risks, the girl was able to complete the missions due to her extraordinary physical and intellectual capabilities.

Now, she works at BunkerV, located in space, as a part of the organization. Upon her arrival, she gazed out of the BunkerV window and saw the vastness of space, recalling her family and the dream she thought she had lost.

“Family, I became an astronaut. I achieved my dream.” she whispered in her heart. By not giving up on her dream, believing in her abilities, and working hard, the girl achieved her dream of becoming an astronaut.