An angel in the dark night

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She stood in the shining rain reflecting the moonlight.


🚗 Kinky EVENT 28 April – 22 May 2023

SEKA’s SuperBAD Top


🚗 Cyberpunk Fair 6 – 31 May 2023

Kari hair

Cyborg – BoM/EVO-X


🚗 ACCESS 12 May – 8 June 2023

K7-45 Pistol
K7-45 Poses



🚗 Collabor88 8 May – 5 June 2023

R2 fashion
[R2L]Samidare Arm


🏠 Main store

[RED GIRL] Hotter Bikini
SSD. Damager Fishnet TOP


Short story

SUIREN ALLEY, the Cyber Town plagued by crime, was engulfed in darkness once again that night. The sound of multiple gunshots echoed through the streets, a familiar occurrence in this place. However, on that particular night, amidst the clouds that veiled the sky, a silver moon emerged, casting an unusual glow upon the town.

Through a slender beam of moonlight that pierced through the clouds, a figure appeared. She possessed an angelic beauty, resembling a celestial being. This woman was an agent, hidden in the shadows, tasked with completing missions that involved navigating through darkness. Rarely did she reveal herself in public, and the only witness to her presence that night was the moon itself. No one else was there, for the others had long ceased to breathe in that desolate place.