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I started second life in June 2019.

Here are some fun information about fashion, activities, dance performances and more.

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なに? – What?

If you listen carefully, you will hear our voices. +++++++++++ 🚗 Cyber Fair 1 – 25 June 2023 Diaboli DesignLunatech MinikiniLunatech BootsLunatech HeadsetLunatech Aura [REKT x TREVOR]ARM_GU Left & Right SEKAICyber Scouter [Ginko Hair]#82 +ABYSSAL+FIRE FORCE BODY TECHADD-ON [NORMAL]DD-ON [LINES]FIRE EYES ZEROICHINP SIX – Neck Protect six YOKAIMy Sweet RobotAngel Robot, Bear Robot, Bunny Robot,…

Couple robots in Love

I hope my friend’s happiness lasts forever. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you always for viewing my workand for your faves and comments.💕•͙‧⁺o(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎)o⁺‧•͙‧⁺💕 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 🚗 Cyber Fair 1 – 25 June 2023 {Your Dreams}{YD} Mr and Mrs Robot – Ha-Ri & Tae-moo [[ Masoom ]]Cyber Queen Jacket, Suit, Boots and Arms [Ginko Hair]#82 Hair [Omise.]ZNKT Ex RADAR +ABYSSAL+FIRE…


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