MISS SL Finalist Presentation


I thought MISS SL was a never-ending challenge, but it was the day of the finalist presentation. While listening to the opening music, I unexpectedly cried.

終わりのないチャレンジと思っていたMISS SLでしたが、とうとうファイナリストプレゼンテーションの日を迎えました。オープニングの音楽を聴きながら、思いがけず涙が出てしまいました。

In the finalist presentation, the judges asked different questions to each person when they first stood on stage. The finalists were given time to think about the answer, went back on stage and answered.


The question given to me is:
Hello MISS SL ♛ Japan, the last year was a challenge for the whole world because of covid. My question is : How important was Second Life the last months for you and what do you like to say people who are looking for possibilities ro overcome such a lonely time without social contacts ? -Nida Nirvana

こんにちはMISS SL♛Japan。昨年はcovidがあり、全世界にとって挑戦の年でした。私の質問は:Second Lifeはあなたにとってここ数ヶ月どれほど重要でしたか、そして可能性を探している人々が社会的接触なしでそのような孤独な時間を克服するために何を伝えたいですか? -Nida Nirvana

My answer is:
Thanks for the question Nida Nirvana.
For me, the last few months in secondlife have been a series of challenges, encounters and adventures.
Participating in the MISS SL pageant was my biggest challenge.
Even on difficult days, I was able to encourage myself by concentrating on the challenges.

What I want to say to people is to take the courage to step forward. You can find the way to embark on a new world without leaving the house. If you feel lonely, don’t stop. Tomorrow, which is different from today, will surely come. As long as you move forward.
I wanted to convey this through challenges in MISS SL pageant. Today, thank you for giving me the great opportunity to answer it in words.

そしてMISS SLページェントに参加することが私の最大のチャレンジでした。

私はMISS SLページェントでの挑戦を通してこれを伝えたいと思っていました。本日は、言葉でお答えする絶好の機会をいただき、ありがとうございました。

GABRIEL provided the costumes for all finalists. This time, I chose red and coordinated it with the theme of the Japanese imaginary monster called a crow-billed’Tengu’. You can see the stage on YouTube. However, there are three happenings where the SIM falls, and there are places on YouTube where the video stops or there is no audio. All the staff and finalists worked hard to recover and continue. I hope you can see it with warm eyes while thinking of such a struggle behind the scenes.


The grand finale is from 5/29 10:00 AM SL TIME. 5/30 2:00 SM Japan time.

グランドフィナーレは、日本時間の5/30 2:00AMスタートです。


Yin Yang SIM in Fantasy fair

Yin Yang SIM that appeared at the Fantasy fair. The special space protected by a huge mysterious dragon gives us a truly different world experience. This SIM sponsored by Gabriel has a lot of shops with great products, so it’s definitely a place to stop by. The fantasy fair is until May 9th. Please do not miss it.

Yin Yang SIM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FF%20Yin%20Yang/121/47/92

Fantasy fairに出現したYin Yang SIM。巨大な神秘のドラゴンが守護する特別な空間は、まさに私たちに異世界を体験させてくれます。Gabrielさんが提供するこのSIMには、素晴らしい商品を取り揃えたお店もたくさんあって、必ず立ち寄りたい場所です。ファンタジーフェアは5月9日まで。どうぞお見逃しなく!

Essi Gold [FF Limited] / -AZUL-
Sheedra’s Horns / FF Quest Gift / .EscalateD.
Shinobine kanzashi / Air
Kaden Allproducts Red / [Ay] Ade yakko
Taiane hairstyle / DOUX
Pose : Charli / STUN
::GB:: Cross obi tops / Gabriel
::GB:: Gauntlets / Gabriel
::GB:: Off tops hakama / Gabriel
::GB:: Yin yang Dragon Necklace (HUNT Prize) / Gabriel
NSakura – Shidare arm / Naminoke
NSakura – Shidare forearm /Naminoke
[Ay] Kaden 011 Red / Ade yakko
[Ay] Gofu_Onmyouji Around Red / Ade yakko
2B Sword Girl / Poseidon