Illusion in the deep sea

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Siren Tail + / {Aii & Ego}
[AERTH] Augur Staff Gold
@Aii & Ego Main store

Rigged shell bra / :: ANTAYA ::
@:: ANTAYA :: Main store

Halo of fins / DREAMCATCHER

Breeze necklace / [AlternatiVe]
Breeze collar / [AlternatiVe]
@ [AlternatiVe] Main store

Lexie headdress / {Limerence}
Lexie earring / {Limerence}
@{Limerence} Main store

Enchant Eyes / A R T E

Starla Face Jewelry / HILLY HAALAN
@HILLY HAALAN Main store

Sophie hairstyle / DOUX

Twiggy fashion

Dress “Lada” Green-Yellow / :: ANTAYA ::
80’s Diamond Chain Necklace / UNDERTIED

Kaleidoscope Glasses / Ahegao
@Main store

PKC Brat Earrings / PKC Accessoires & Bento Jewelry
@Main store

My Alejandra YELLOW / MY BAGS by Mila Blauvelt
@Main store

VIP Photo Booth – Dreaming Room / FOXCITY.
@Main store

H0210 hair / tram
@Main store