Beach volleyball

High resolution images are on Flickr.
High resolution images are on Flickr.

Poses by Jay0619

Location : Hakoniwa SIM

BikiniSet / COCO
LaceUpDenimShorts / COCO
@COCO Main store

Nashaly hairstyle / DOUX

Weekend shopping💕

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Lene Mustard / Ecru Couture (49L✨)
Moodt Snack Bag / JAWN (49L✨)
Nashaly hairstyle / DOUX

POP HeadPhone / * z e r o i c h i

Peach HD Brows lel evo X / [ Pity Party ]
@Shiny Shabby

Rowne.Sestiere Dorsoduro 1517. Venice backdrop
@Rowne 25L✨ Gacha

::GB::Luk Shoulder Shirt / Gabriel
@Gabriel Main store

Illusion in the deep sea

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Siren Tail + / {Aii & Ego}
[AERTH] Augur Staff Gold
@Aii & Ego Main store

Rigged shell bra / :: ANTAYA ::
@:: ANTAYA :: Main store

Halo of fins / DREAMCATCHER

Breeze necklace / [AlternatiVe]
Breeze collar / [AlternatiVe]
@ [AlternatiVe] Main store

Lexie headdress / {Limerence}
Lexie earring / {Limerence}
@{Limerence} Main store

Enchant Eyes / A R T E

Starla Face Jewelry / HILLY HAALAN
@HILLY HAALAN Main store

Sophie hairstyle / DOUX

Sunny day in summer

High resolution images are on Flickr.

+PIERO+Wet sailor suit Blouse white/navy / Gabriel
+PIERO+Wet sailor suit skirt white/navy / Gabriel
@Gabriel Gacha corner 25L✨
(until 31st Aug. 2021)

Luna Volleyball / Lolla Thing [X] Sinchi
Gio (Bento Pose) / Kokoro Poses
@Okinawa summer festival

Sophie hairstyle / DOUX


Vacation Summer Pool Backdrop / Focus Poses
@Focus Poses Main store

Travel with Space Kit

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Bunny Space Helmet / Boutique #187

Space Kit / Foxwood

Fluffy Bikini / Pacagaia
@Okinawa Summer Festival

Lovely BOM Tattoo / Watercolor
@Watercolor Main store

Pukki – Galaxy Halo / Hollow
@Hollow Marketplace

Sophie hairstyle / DOUX

Gardian angels

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Don’t break anyone’s dream

M9 SWORD Pistol v1.01 / [SAC]
@The Warehouse Sale

dream girls / cheezu
Bunny Tales – Moon Bunny / YOKAI
The Room – Kawaii Spirit / The Bearded Guy
@The Crystal Heart Festival…

Fuck reality headpiece blue / Tentacio
Fuck reality tape blue / Tentacio
@Tentacio Main store

Rose hairstyle / DOUX
@DOUX Main store

Sword girl

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Tune 🎧

ZERO MASK / zeroichi

READY for C.BODYSUIT / -RabbitHouse-
READY for C.ARM / -RabbitHouse-
READY for C.GLOVE / -RabbitHouse-
READY for C.PANTS / -RabbitHouse-
READY for C.BOOTS / -RabbitHouse-
READY for C.SOCKS / -RabbitHouse-


Laura hairstyle / DOUX

Asian summer

-WE Top Ina-Powder / RAPTURE
-WE Shorts Ina-Cajun Shrimp / RAPTURE
@RAPTURE Main store

NQueen of the Night Head / Naminoke
NQueen of the Night Neck / Naminoke
@Naminoke Main store

Gill Belt/Garter / NANIKA
@NANIKA Main store

Chill hairstyle / DOUX
@DOUX Main store

Rose Peper & Gin BACKDROP & POSES / Amitie

Japanese Rirakkusu Tea Set / Zen Creations
@Zen Creations Main store

Tyyni Zen Statue / BLACK NEST
Tyyni Lantern / BLACK NEST
@BLACK NEST Main store

Lemon Girl / AZATO KAWAII Challenge

Nowadays, the enjoyment of taking pictures with the theme of “AZATO KAWAII” is spreading among Japanese residents. It is difficult to translate “AZATO KAWAII” into English. I think it’s a nuance like “She knows she’s kawaii, but I forgive for her everything!”.lol

私も #つばさミッション で、UZME”あざとカワイイポーズ”に挑戦〜!!!

Teresa – Top White-Black / HERO
Happy Pool – Giraffe / DiMi’s Gacha
THE GACHA LIFE! 2021/6/5-30

Shaved Ices / KWaii
Comfort in early summer – Juicer / [Cinoe]
Comfort in early summer – Fruit basket / [Cinoe]
THE FOOD COURT 2021/6/5-28

Palisades Palm Leaf / {what next}
Palisades Bowl of Fruit / {what next}

Susanna Shorts / NANIKA
Lemon earrings / [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Love Lemon / :: MOMOCHUU ::
Cece hairstyle / DOUX

Poses Azato / UZME

Bandit 22 LTE textured by L’s wind