My secret garden

High resolution images are on Flickr.

+PIERO+sailor suit Blouse / Gabriel
+PIERO+sailor suit skirt / Gabriel
+PIERO+sailor suit Scarf / Gabriel
+PIERO+Loafers socks / Gabriel
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(until 31st Aug. 2021)

Natalia Hair / [monso]

Mini Sakura Garden / Parfait.

Secret Garden Bunny / +Half-Deer+
@+Half-Deer+ Main store

Bento Poses – Here Comes The Sun Pose and prop / :LW:
@:LW: Main store

Coming soon… Air @I Said NO Event 2021

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Sneak Peek at one of the items at the I Said NO Event a SL Event to Benefit RAINN where all proceeds go to RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network), the largest and most vocal anti-sexual violence organization in the nation!

Magnolia Head Accessory 墨 -sumi color-

@I Said NO Event (from 17th of july till 15th of August)

I Said NO Event a SL Event to Benefit RAINN Flickr Group

I Said NO Event a SL Event to Benefit RAINN Facebook Group

Please wait the opening date!

Hanabi – Natsutsubaki

Tune 🎧

::GB:: Yukata2021 (F) Tubaki / Gabriel
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NJapanese stuartia Natsutsubaki HairStick PINK / Naminoke
NJapanese stuartia NatsuTsubaki Pink Earcuff R / Naminoke
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avril hair / bonbon
leLutka EvoX Hairbase 16 / Tableau Vivant


Lovely smile♡

Tune 🎧

leLutka EvoX Hairbase 17 / Tableau Vivant
Half Ponytail Add-on / Tableau Vivant
@Kinky Monthly

::GB:: Love letter shirt (F) / Gabriel
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LINDA Earrings / AvaWay
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Astralia – Yoga earphones
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Libellune Chow Chow Animesh #6 / SEmotion
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Photo Booth – Corner Wineria / FOXCITY.
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Garden party with little birds♪

::GB:: Button tank / Gabriel
Promise come true – Celebration cake / [Cinoe]
Promise come true – White flowers in a jar / [Cinoe]
Dacha Teatime Samovar / Ivory RARE / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Teacup Set / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Sushki / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Dish Stack / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Strawberry Preserves / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Tea Infuser / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Sweet Cherries / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Branches / Nutmeg.
Dacha Teatime Tea Jar / Nutmeg.
@ Kustom9

::GB:: Knee tear Chain denim / FATPACK / Gabriel
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Hair : B16 / barberyumyum
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Boho Chic Summer_Light / Silvery K

Daisy crown / Tentacio
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LittleBird in Forest / HPMD
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1.::GB:: Cyber catharsis Cord bag (F) RARE / Gabriel
3.::GB:: Cyber catharsis Vest (F) Pink / Gabriel
6.::GB:: Cyber catharsis Arm (F) Pink / Gabriel
9.::GB:: Cyber ultimate Pants (F) Pink / Gabriel
12.::GB:: Cyber ultimate Boots (F) Pink / Gabriel
Gabriel Mainstore

Back drop : ARCANA pink (Light) / zeroichi
Head piece : Sensor Unit MUSUBI / Butanik83
Cyber Fair

Brain Sense Amplifier TENKEI / Butanik83

1911 PLUS Pistol v1.02 / [SAC]
1911PLUS/Ryusei Poses / [R2xSAC]

Neowise hair / Tableau Vivant

MISS SL Finalist Presentation

I thought MISS SL was a never-ending challenge, but it was the day of the finalist presentation. While listening to the opening music, I unexpectedly cried.

終わりのないチャレンジと思っていたMISS SLでしたが、とうとうファイナリストプレゼンテーションの日を迎えました。オープニングの音楽を聴きながら、思いがけず涙が出てしまいました。

In the finalist presentation, the judges asked different questions to each person when they first stood on stage. The finalists were given time to think about the answer, went back on stage and answered.


The question given to me is:
Hello MISS SL ♛ Japan, the last year was a challenge for the whole world because of covid. My question is : How important was Second Life the last months for you and what do you like to say people who are looking for possibilities ro overcome such a lonely time without social contacts ? -Nida Nirvana

こんにちはMISS SL♛Japan。昨年はcovidがあり、全世界にとって挑戦の年でした。私の質問は:Second Lifeはあなたにとってここ数ヶ月どれほど重要でしたか、そして可能性を探している人々が社会的接触なしでそのような孤独な時間を克服するために何を伝えたいですか? -Nida Nirvana

My answer is:
Thanks for the question Nida Nirvana.
For me, the last few months in secondlife have been a series of challenges, encounters and adventures.
Participating in the MISS SL pageant was my biggest challenge.
Even on difficult days, I was able to encourage myself by concentrating on the challenges.

What I want to say to people is to take the courage to step forward. You can find the way to embark on a new world without leaving the house. If you feel lonely, don’t stop. Tomorrow, which is different from today, will surely come. As long as you move forward.
I wanted to convey this through challenges in MISS SL pageant. Today, thank you for giving me the great opportunity to answer it in words.

そしてMISS SLページェントに参加することが私の最大のチャレンジでした。

私はMISS SLページェントでの挑戦を通してこれを伝えたいと思っていました。本日は、言葉でお答えする絶好の機会をいただき、ありがとうございました。

GABRIEL provided the costumes for all finalists. This time, I chose red and coordinated it with the theme of the Japanese imaginary monster called a crow-billed’Tengu’. You can see the stage on YouTube. However, there are three happenings where the SIM falls, and there are places on YouTube where the video stops or there is no audio. All the staff and finalists worked hard to recover and continue. I hope you can see it with warm eyes while thinking of such a struggle behind the scenes.


The grand finale is from 5/29 10:00 AM SL TIME. 5/30 2:00 SM Japan time.

グランドフィナーレは、日本時間の5/30 2:00AMスタートです。

Art as Mindfulness
Tableau Vivant

I would like to introduce a project “Art as Mindfulness” launched by MISS SL ♛ 2020 Ella Pavlona. Ella is the one who keeps presenting great works on Flickr. The reason for the beauty of her work was revealed in this project.

MISS SL ♛ 2020 Ella Pavlonaが立ち上げた「Art as Mindfulness」というプロジェクトを紹介したいと思います。EllaはFlickrで素晴らしい作品を発表し続けているかたです。彼女の作品の美しさの理由が、このプロジェクトで明らかになりました。

“Art as Mindfulness” focuses on the “process” of creating a work. Please refer to this page for details.

「Art as Mindfulness」は作品を制作する”プロセス”に着目しています。詳しくはこちらのページをご参照ください。

I will post only the Japanese translation here.





I’ve been told by my SL friends that I’m like a migratory fish that keeps swimming all the time. That’s exactly right, and I’m always working on something at SL. I really like the time I’m making something, and the moment I’m immersed in it, I feel like I’m meditating. Ella’s “Artas Mindfulness” project affirmed that feeling.


I was sometimes worried about my position and how I spent my time, but I feel that I was able to land because I knew about this project. From now on, I will continue my production activities at SL while valuing the production process more than ever and enjoying it.


Anyone can join the “Art as Mindfulness” Flickr group! Please join us!

「Art as Mindfulness」Flickrグループは、誰でも参加可能です!ぜひあなたもご参加ください!


The word ZIRAN means “nature” in Chinese.
The natural state of the constantly unfolding universe and of all things within it when both are allowed to develop in accord with the Cosmic Way……(WRITTEN BY Matt Stefon)

I shot men’s suits and women’s dresses at the Ling Xiao Long SIM in Fantasy fair 2021.

ZIRANとは、中国語で「自然」という意味。世界とそこに内包される全ては、宇宙の法則に基づいて絶えず展開している・・・(WRITTEN BY Matt Stefon)

ペアでデザインされたメンズスーツとドレスを、ファンタジーフェアのLing Xiao Long SIMにて撮影しました。

ZIRAN Dress / LUXE Paris
ZIRAN Suit / LUXE Paris
C.Zuri’s Summer Moon Bracelet
Sheedra’s Horns (Fantasy Faire 2021 Quest Gift) / .EscalateD.
.::GB:: Ryujin Dragon / Gabriel
Hair : ~ NO_SILVER ~ / no.match
Hair : Knox / Exile
Location : Paer Thura SIM in Fantasy Fair 2021