Delicious time♡

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Tune 🎧

Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡

Sweets : Mamere
[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve(Mango)
[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve(Matcha)
[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve(Milktea)
[Mamere] Bubble Soft Serve cup
Exclusive at Tokyo Zero 10 – 25 June 2022

Hair : ZAO
ZAO Magic Hair
Exclusive at Harajuku Event 20 June – 10 July 2022

Ahoge : {Rosier}
{Rosier} / Ahoge Pack

Dog : [Rezz Room]
[Rezz Room] Basset Hound Adult

Witch’s favorite sweets

High resolution images are on Flickr.

POISON ROUGE Coven Nigth Hat
Exclusive at COSMOPOLITAN Event Oct.18 – 31, 2021

Poison Rouge Moon Collar Black/Golden
@Poison Rouge Main store

andika[Mad Tea-Party]mushroom cake
@andika Main store

[VIVO] Lunae eyes BoM
Ladybird. // Glitter Tearies
@Harajuku Event Oct.20 – Nov.10, 2021

FAKEICON / gooey nails / juice demon
@FLF-o-Ween Oct.15 – Nov.1, 2021

CHAIN – Leona Hair
@CHAIN Main store