I started second life in June 2019. 
Here are some fun information about fashion, activities, dance performances and more.

Delivering Tokyo

zeroichi cyber Headbandzeroichi backbox NZ-01THIS IS WRONG Starfighter TattooShiny Stuffs EvoX Discotheque@Mainframe 20 Jan – 13 Feb R2 A/D/E sae, boots@Cllabor88 8 Jan – 6 Feb zeroichi NEOTOKYO2090 backdrop@ACCESS 12 Jan – 8 R2 K/E/N Tekkou@R2 Main zeroichi ZERO MASK@zeroichi Main D-LAB SKY PIRATE Dog scooter 01@D-LAB Main bonbon…

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Let’s go racing!

LUXE Paris FORMULA 1 Jacket Stretch Jeans Sneakers@LUXE Paris Main Tableau Vivant \ Nany hair@Tableau Vivant Main… Focus Poses . You Go, GirlFocus Poses . L.A Street Backdrop@Focus Poses Main

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Zibska Svea setincludes collar in upper & lower sections and earrings left & right with 33 colours for sections 1/2/3 and 5 colours for wires. Zibska Eye make up in 15 coloursZibska ips in 21 colours in 2 fitsCosmetic packs are compatible only with Lelutka heads with the EVO X uv option and include tattoo…

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When clouds come up

🎧Audiobook : 雲のわくころ(小川未明) LODE Accessories – Lilies Collection@LODE Main FAGA – Emma Hairstyle@Kustom9 15 Jan – 10 {Junbug} Arabella Dress@Junbug Main

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A beautiful day

Special thanks to Jay0619 for the amazing pose✨ [Female]::GB::Open collar Sweater::GB:: Tank top::GB:: Mom Jeans@Kustom9 15 Jan – 10 NaaNaa’s Gummy Bear Set@NaaNaa Main bonbon – nori hair@bonbon “Off-Society” x Snuggs Boots@Fake Society Main [Male]::GB::Open collar Sweater::GB::Tags and pins@Uber 23 Dec – 22 ::GB::Camo Skinny Pants@The Warehouse Sale 23 Dec…

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Early spring -早春-

POISON ROUGE Sakura Headpiece, Sakura Pin Hair@TOKYO ZERO 10 – 25 Jan. EXiA * Kimono HanabusaAnc.Ltd “Ukiyoe” Pine treeChubee Monster 数寄屋門@Japonica 25 Dec – 23 ROZOREGALIA_UZYUM*EARRINGS+Noir@ROZOREGALIA Main NO.MATCH_NO_MIRACLE hair@NO.MATCH Main .:(CW):. Jaylen Pearl Party Clutch Bag@Celestinas

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* EXiA* Sakura Kimono Dress Pink Maitreya*M^2* – “Koyo shita seishin no ie” – Japanese Lake House 4 – / MAke a MArk@OKINAWA NEW YEAR FESTIVAL 26 Dec – 12 Jan <a href=”; rel=”noreferrer nofollow”></a> =BENTEN-DO= Mask”TORA”+:+WTG+:+ Origami-pierce@Japonica 25 Dec – 23 +:+WTG+:+ Origaminecklace ( Group Gift)@WTG Main Storybook – Yoongi EyesMana. //…

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!129129**102 KIMONO@悪のHANSHA祭 ✨[GIFT]✨ UZME_Pyoi2 Pose@Japonica 25 Dec – 23 ::CHERRYISH:: Omamori@Okinawa New Year Festival 26 Dec – 11 Elsa Black [Headdress] / chocolate atelier@chocolate atelier Main bonbon – nori hair@bonbon Main sixx – Sinner… Location : Japonica

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catNap.neko kimono, obi, underwearcatNap.osakana gamaguchi bag@Japonica 25 Dec – 23 POISON ROUGE Musette Beret@Anthem 3 – 30 Jan NANA 12B.Giraffe toy(Giraffe)PINKNANA 12C.Ribbon Hairpin [B]NANA 12D.Bunny Candy GiftSchelm 🙂 G006-Wire Flower Earrings@OKINAWA NEW YEAR FESTIVAL 26 Dec – 11 [SHIFUKU] Fur Sandals@SHIFUKU Main Picture – Japanese Pattern Snood@Picture Main barberyumyumB15@barberyumyum Main…

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Winter light

LUXE Paris SKINSOFT Blouse, Skirtt@LUXE Paris Main Zibska Mariette Necklace, Earring@blanc. Event 28 Dec – 25 NO.MATCH_NO_COURSE@UBER 23 Dec – 22 Synnergy Shabby Chic Backdrop@Synnergy Main

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