Fantasy Faire 2022 – MYTHSPIRE RIDGE

High resolution images are on Flickr.
High resolution images are on Flickr.

Location : MYTHSPIRE RIDGE Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron

Fantasy Faire 2022 Start point / FAIRELANDS JUNCTION…

Dress : Faida / Faida – Magali cream

Halo : Air / Air _Amaho halo_Purple FF
@The Chrysalis Gardens…

Head & Face accessories : Zibska / Zibska ~ Tanzi Set
Make up : Zibska / Zibska Tanzi Blush // Zibska Tanzi Lips

Hair : KMH / KMH – Hair F195
@Bassett Town

Eyes : Oiche / Oiche // Happy Scale Kitty Eye
@Living Echoes

Earring : Schelm / Schelm U007 – lizard Earring
@The Chrysalis Gardens…

A bird in the cage

High resolution images are on Flickr.

:..Silvery K..:Steam Libera
Jacket, Pants, Bustle, Scarf
:..Silvery K..:SteamDiva_Hat
Starfire Angel Wings + {Aii & Ego}
Air_Septem (birdcage)
[KROVA] Vitzili’s Lens
@Engine room

DOUX – Jennie hairstyle
@DOUX Main store

@Air Main store

[Rezz Room] Sphynx Cat Animesh
@[Rezz Room] Main store

Masquerade at Paradiso

High resolution images are on Flickr.

::GB:: Rabbit Flower mask** / Gabriel
::GB::Lace-up harness / Gabriel
::GB::Ruched pants / Gabriel
::GB::Rabbit tail / Gabriel
@Gabriel Main store Gacha corner 50%OFF✨
(until 31st Aug. 2021)

Simeon (katyusha) / Air
Soubi (rose) / Air
@Air Main store

Robin Bodyfur / Kaithleen
@Kaithleen Main store

Location : -Paradiso- and Monster mansions

Moon light magic

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Eloise Dress – Celeste / POISON ROUGE
L’Aube des Papillons Headband – Silver / POISON ROUGE
@POISON ROUGE Main store

Bunny Add-on / Tableau Vivant
@The Crystal Heart Festivel…

leLutka EvoX Hairbase 16 / Tableau Vivant
@Tableau Vivant Main store…

Lunae / Air
Ginyou /Air
@Air Main store

Magic Shard Mirror / Quills & Curiosities

cracked glass / {anc}
fairyteil light / {anc}
@{anc} Main store

Papillon bleu

High resolution images are on Flickr.

“Papilio Mage”Hair Butterfly BLACK / [CoD!]
@The Crystal Heart Festival…

@NO.MATCH Main store

::Back ground::
Tresor_CM* / AIR
Ginyou gold_CM* / AIR
Somnium frost gold_CM* / AIR
Botan_white_CM* / AIR
@AIR Main store

Coming soon… Air @I Said NO Event 2021

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Sneak Peek at one of the items at the I Said NO Event a SL Event to Benefit RAINN where all proceeds go to RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network), the largest and most vocal anti-sexual violence organization in the nation!

Magnolia Head Accessory 墨 -sumi color-

@I Said NO Event (from 17th of july till 15th of August)

I Said NO Event a SL Event to Benefit RAINN Flickr Group

I Said NO Event a SL Event to Benefit RAINN Facebook Group

Please wait the opening date!

MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021, Lokia Float -Grand Finale- Formal Gown

I also designed the dress I wore at the end of the MISS SL 2021 Grand Finale. The styling order said, “Please imagine you are going to the opera, to a ball or even to a state banquet.” I tried to shape the finest formal gowns I can think of.

MISS SL 2021 グランドフィナーレの最後に着用したドレスも、自分でデザインしました。スタイリングのオーダーに、「Please imagine you are going to the opera, to a ball or even to a state banquet.」とあったので、私が思い浮かべることが出来る最上級のフォーマルを形にしてみました。

First of all, the overall image and color scheme are inspired by the “Junihitoe” worn by the Empress during the emperor’s coronation ceremony held in Japan. I drew the woven pattern of the white fabric of Japanese kimono into a seamless texture and placed it all over.
I sprinkled a lot of chrysanthemums there. Chrysanthemum is a flower that symbolizes Japan along with cherry blossoms. These are “Kikka” by Air. In my hand, the fan with Japanese fabric flower is the work by NAMINOKE.
And as a finishing touch, UZME pose made a special pose for me.

総仕上げとして、UZME poseさんに特別にポーズを作っていただきました。

The venue, THE MAX ARENA, was renewed just before the grand finale. The decoration is like a palace, but it also has a contemporary design. This is the corridor that participants go through every time before they enter the stage.

会場のTHE MAX ARENAは、グランドフィナーレ直前にリニューアルされました。宮殿のような装飾でありながら、現代的なデザインも取り入れられています。こちらはステージへ登壇する前に毎回通る回廊です。

Chop Zuey Couture Jewelery awarded Winner the Crown and 2nd and 3rd Runner-up The Raindrop Tiara. I wore a beautiful tiara with my own dress and had a dreamy time at a wonderful venue. Thank you to everyone who trusted and appreciated me, and to everyone who supported me.

Chop Zuey Couture Jewelleryさんから、Winnerにはクラウン、2位と3位にはThe Raindrop Tiaraが授与されました。自分でデザインしたドレスで素晴らしいティアラを被り、素晴らしい会場で夢のような時間を過ごしました。私を信頼し、評価してくださった皆様、そして応援してくださった皆様、本当にありがとうございました。

Iron Feather
MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021, Lokia Float – Second Photo Challenge

Alitas Dress / :Moon Amore:
Ciel feather / Air
Circlet Lacrima / Kotolier
Neowise / Tableau Vivant

NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves / {anc}
Floating Feathers / Persefona

When I learned about the “Art as Mindfulness” project along with the challenges of MISS SL’s 2nd Photo Challenge, I was just in a psychologically distressed state. Despaired by my powerlessness, I felt only anxious about the unseen future.
That’s why this challenge photo shows the storm in my heart and the struggling figure. Mindful Cove, the shooting location, has a peaceful and beautiful scenery, and I would normally like to shoot it peacefully and make it into a work, but at this time I could only shoot like this. I think that facing one’s heart in this way is exactly “Art as Mindfulness”.
Every time I look back at this SS later, it seems that I can remember my feelings at this time. That also makes a big sense of leaving the work.

MISS SLの2nd フォトチャレンジの課題と共に「Art as Mindfulness」プロジェクトを知った時、私はちょうど心理的に苦しい状態でした。自分の無力さに絶望して、見えない未来に不安しか感じられませんでした。
そんなわけで、このチャレンジフォトは、私の心の中の嵐や、足掻く姿がそのまま現れています。撮影場所であるMindful Coveには、平穏で美しい景色があって、本来であればそれを平和に撮影して作品にしたいところなのですが、この時はこんな風にしか撮れなかった。そうやって自分の心と向き合うことがまさに「Art as Mindfulness」なのですね。。。

For the music as the theme, I chose the song “Iron Feather” from RADWIMPS. Like the beauty of the melody, the words in the lyrics are impressive.

テーマとしての音楽にはRADWIMPSのIron Featherという歌を選びました。メロディーの美しさもそうですが、歌詞の言葉の数々は胸を打ちます。

If something good happens, I would like to visit this place again and shoot a different SS.
Those who have spent a lot of time in Secondlife have a favorite place somewhere and I envy it. But I feel like I found it. For me it could be a Mindful Cove.

Secondlifeで長く過ごしている人は、どこかしらにお気に入りの場所を持っていて、私はそれを羨ましいと感じていました。でもやっと私もそれを見つけられた気がします。私にとってはそれがMindful Coveになるかもしれないです。

Yin Yang SIM in Fantasy fair

Yin Yang SIM that appeared at the Fantasy fair. The special space protected by a huge mysterious dragon gives us a truly different world experience. This SIM sponsored by Gabriel has a lot of shops with great products, so it’s definitely a place to stop by. The fantasy fair is until May 9th. Please do not miss it.

Yin Yang SIM

Fantasy fairに出現したYin Yang SIM。巨大な神秘のドラゴンが守護する特別な空間は、まさに私たちに異世界を体験させてくれます。Gabrielさんが提供するこのSIMには、素晴らしい商品を取り揃えたお店もたくさんあって、必ず立ち寄りたい場所です。ファンタジーフェアは5月9日まで。どうぞお見逃しなく!
Essi Gold [FF Limited] / -AZUL-
Sheedra’s Horns / FF Quest Gift / .EscalateD.
Shinobine kanzashi / Air
Kaden Allproducts Red / [Ay] Ade yakko
Taiane hairstyle / DOUX
Pose : Charli / STUN
::GB:: Cross obi tops / Gabriel
::GB:: Gauntlets / Gabriel
::GB:: Off tops hakama / Gabriel
::GB:: Yin yang Dragon Necklace (HUNT Prize) / Gabriel
NSakura – Shidare arm / Naminoke
NSakura – Shidare forearm /Naminoke
[Ay] Kaden 011 Red / Ade yakko
[Ay] Gofu_Onmyouji Around Red / Ade yakko
2B Sword Girl / Poseidon