OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2022 (5th – 30th Aug.)

High resolution images are on Flickr.

HP :
TP :

Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡

Yukata : PSS
PSS Yukata Ryouran

Juice : Mamere
[Mamere] Pineapple soda

Ice candy : KWaii

Earrings : Schelm
Schelm G007 – Goldfish Stained Glass Earrings

All exclusive at OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL 2022(5th – 30th Aug.)


High resolution images are on Flickr.

catNap. Checked Dress
catNap. arm warmar & Chain bracelets
kokeC Witch hat
Schelm \o/ Devil Girl Earring Set
Temaring_15_Halloween Stocking & Nail
KWMagic potion
(:ERG:)Ghost Light Garland (13th Oct. Hunt Gift)
* zeroichi * Halloween deco set
Konoha – Pumpkin – Cucurbita lane

@PANIC OF PUMPKIN IN OKINAWA 2021 (13th – 31st Oct.)

(<) 1313 Riveter Boots – Spooky
@The Dark Style Fair (9th – 31st Oct.)…

Eat sharks!!!

High resolution images are on Flickr.

KW_Hungry Soft-Muscat / KWaii
KW_Hungry Soft-Love / KWaii

Aloha Fringe Detail Dress ahoy
K0715 hair / tram

FELICITY Necklaces Set / AvaWay
FELICITY Earrings / AvaWay
@AvaWay Main store

@Summer camp…

Summer breeze

High resolution images are on Flickr.

Tune 🎧

Yukata Tessen Pink / PSS
@ PSS Main store

KW-vitamin soda / *KWaii*
@Summer camp

Chloe headpiece / Tentacio
Chloe bouquet / Tentacio

K0715 hair / tram

p-a-b windchime itimatu /
@I Said NO EVENT benefit to RAINN

Lemon Girl / AZATO KAWAII Challenge

Nowadays, the enjoyment of taking pictures with the theme of “AZATO KAWAII” is spreading among Japanese residents. It is difficult to translate “AZATO KAWAII” into English. I think it’s a nuance like “She knows she’s kawaii, but I forgive for her everything!”.lol

私も #つばさミッション で、UZME”あざとカワイイポーズ”に挑戦〜!!!

Teresa – Top White-Black / HERO
Happy Pool – Giraffe / DiMi’s Gacha
THE GACHA LIFE! 2021/6/5-30

Shaved Ices / KWaii
Comfort in early summer – Juicer / [Cinoe]
Comfort in early summer – Fruit basket / [Cinoe]
THE FOOD COURT 2021/6/5-28

Palisades Palm Leaf / {what next}
Palisades Bowl of Fruit / {what next}

Susanna Shorts / NANIKA
Lemon earrings / [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Love Lemon / :: MOMOCHUU ::
Cece hairstyle / DOUX

Poses Azato / UZME

Bandit 22 LTE textured by L’s wind