Delight in morning

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Zibska ~ Wiley Headpiece
Includes headpiece in left/right front/right back/right lower and cascade sections with 14 colours for leaves 1/2/3 and 14 colours & clear for stems
@The September round at We ❤ Role-play


-AZUL- Una
@AZUL Main store

Soul is eternal…

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Greta Top – Maitreya / Bauhaus Movement
@Bauhaus Movement Main store

K0729 hair / tram
@tram Main store

Dawn with you

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HARITI* Brassiere & Thongs / ROZOREGALIA
@Kinky Event



Sand Beaches Set / Fundati
@Seraphim The Outlet

Southsea Lantern / {what next}
@{what next} Main store

Pose : Sensual Surrender / Seetra

Oriental dream

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Hanbok Yeriak / PSS
@ UniK August Round
Event Dates: 2021/08/07 – 2021/08/28

Enora / Tentacio
@Tentacio Main store


Hair : ~ NO_MIRACLE ~ / no.match
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Unicorns I Love Them / Sassy Sweet Poses
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After party

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Hair : U114 / Dura
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Jenni Earring / ::C’est la vie !::
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Chelle Purse / MICHAN
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Louis Bench / [piXit]
Balloonia Backdrop (Cutie) / [piXit]
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rainy day tall lamp / [ keke ]
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sweet dreams . wall art / dust bunny
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Shopping day……

What is shopping for me…..
Refresh myself.
Polish myself.
I find myself very lazy when I wear the same clothes for days.


From this month, I will start as a blogger for LUXE PARIS.
This outfit is the adult chic top and pants setup. I took a picture with the image of going shopping with friends.

今月からLUXE PARISさんのブロガーをさせていただことになりました♪

MINX Bodice & Pant / LUXE PARIS
✨NEW Releases at the main store✨

::Accessories & Bag::
Vesper Glasses / :: DEEP STATIC ::
Square Lucite Bag / MAJESTY

::Back drop::
VIP Photo Booth – Minimal / FOXCITY

MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021, Lokia Float -Grand Finale- National Costume

In the National Costumes section of the MISS SL 2021 Grand Finale, I challenged what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s dress making.
The theme is the painting “The Great Wave” by KATSUSIKA HOKUSAI( A movie about Hokusai’s life is scheduled to be released just two days before the grand finale, and my fever was getting higher and higher, so I projected it on the dress as it was.

MISS SL 2021 グランドフィナーレのナショナルコスチュームの部門では、思い切ってずっとやりたいと思ってきたことに挑戦しました。ドレス作りです。
題材は葛飾北斎の絵画「The Great Wave」。北斎の生涯を描いた映画(が、まさにグランドフィナーレの二日前に公開の予定で、私の中で、葛飾北斎熱がどんどん高まってきていたので、それをそのままドレスに投影しました。

The more I researched Hokusai, the more I felt that he was a special person. He died at the age of 88 and was a very long-lived person at the time, but just before he died, he said, “If I can live five years longer, I can become a real painter.” Hokusai wanted to paint the oil painting in his later years, but he couldn’t do it in the end. If he had lived well for another 10 years, he might have been active in Europe.


I designed the texture of the dress while envisioning the appearance of Hokusai. For the shape of the dress, I chose a loose gown with a hem that draws a drape on the floor. I thought the drape was similar to a kimono with a dragging hem, and I thought it looked like it was wavy. So, when I first tried fitting “The Great Wave”, I was addicted to it more than I expected. As for the position, I kept it in the first fit and did not change it after that. And on the drape part of the hem, I hand-painted dark blue that imaged the deep seabed.
I also created a texture for the veil. It is the same “The Greate Wave”, but it is arranged so that Mt. Fuji can be seen well.

そんな北斎の姿を思い描きながら、ドレスのテクスチャをデザインしました。ドレスの形は裾が床の上でドレープを描いているルーズガウンを選びました。そのドレープが着物のお引きずりに似ていると思いましたし、波打つ様子にも見えるなと思いました。それでまずは「The Great Wave」を試しに嵌め込んでみたところ、予想以上にピタリとハマりました。位置に関しては最初に配置したまま、その後も変えることはありませんでした。そして裾のドレープの部分に、深い海底をイメージした暗い青をハンドペイントしました。
ベールにもそれ専用でテクスチャを作成しました。同じ「The Great Wave」ですが、こちらは富士山もよく見えるように配置しています。

At the venue where gorgeous dresses would be lined up, I was worried that the colors would be a little plain, but I am very satisfied with the finished dress in the color of Ukiyo-e.


:: Outfit ::
Loose Gown with pearl strap (by INDUSTRIA) textured by MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021
Veil (by Rosa Jassen) textured by MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021
Drape (by M&M Creations) textured by MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021

:: Accessories ::
Mies Headpiece & Shoulder / Zibska
Pensri Collar & Shoulder / Zibska
LEXI Necklace / AvaWay
KATH Earrings / AvaWay
ELZA Armlets / AvaWay

MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021, Lokia Float -Grand Finale- Victoria’s Secret challenge

The MISS SL 2021 Grand Finale had three runways, one of which was the Victoria’s Secret Challenge. Wear the new outfit provided by POISON ROUGE and enjoy sexy and powerful staging with reference to the actual fashion show! It was an order.

MISS SL 2021 グランドフィナーレにはランウェイが3回あり、そのうちの1つがVictoria’s Secret Challengeでした。POISON ROUGEから提供していただいた新作のアウトフィットを着用して、実際のファッションショーを参考に、SEXYでパワフルなステージングを!というオーダーでした。

I coordinated this beautiful line outfit with POISON ROUGE’s Time of Redemption Hat and SAC’s PYTHON .357 Pistol to style a retro fighting angel. I customized the color of the feathers and studded them with roses.

私はこの美しいラインのアウトフィットに、POISON ROUGEのTime of Redemption Hat、SACのPYTHON .357 Pistolをコーディネートして、レトロな戦う天使をスタイリングしました。羽は自分でカラーをカスタマイズし、薔薇を散りばめました。

The important thing here is the pose. I asked Eripom Moonwall, the creator of this beautiful gun. She created special poses for the Grand Finale. Thank you very much!!!!

ここで重要になってくるのがポーズです。私はこの美しい銃の作者であるEripom Moonwallさんに依頼をしたところ、彼女は特別にグランドフィナーレのためのポーズの作成に協力してくれました。ありがとうございました!

:: Outfit::
Toxic Desire / POISON ROUGE
Time of Redemption Hat / POISON ROUGE
Femme Fatale – Gloves / Moon Elixir x MUSE
Sheer lace stockings / Just Like That

:: Shoes ::
Veah / : CULT :

::Accessory & Bag ::
Queen Arm Band / : CULT :
VANESSA Garter / *AvaWay*
Lea Garter / NANIKA
Evelyn Rosary (mouth) / :: MOMOCHUU ::
Rose cubic / :: MOMOCHUU ::
PYTHON .357 Pistol Case / SAC

:: Custom ::
PYTHON HUNTER Pistol customized by SAC
Poses exclusively designed by SAC
Metal wings (GET STUFF) textured and added roses by MISS SL ♛ Japan 2021