There is nothing in this world that I can grasp with certainty.

High resolution images are on Flickr.

I have a long history. You have it too.
You can’t know all of my history, and neither can I.
Understanding that, I want to live with respect for the other person.

I can only do so little. I build it up little by little like a prayer.

Beautiful items @ Enchantment 12 – 30 Nov. 2022

Headpiece : Zibska
Yaryna Tiara
Yaryna Tiara Orbit


Beautiful items @ ACCESS 12 Nov. – 8 Dec. 2022

Eyes : euphoric
Rona Eyes


Beautiful items @ Main store

Hair : no.match

零壱街道 飲食区 – Food sec, zeroichi blvd.

High resolution images are on Flickr.

a liquor store girl, late night…

New product @ ACCESS 12 Nov. – 8 Dec. 2022

Scene : zeroichi
Rainy Alley


Cool items @ Collabor88 8 Nov. – 6 Dec. 2022

Suits and arms : R2
A/D/E Hokushin
R2 K/E/N Kaina


Cool items @ TMD 5 – 30 Nov. 2022

Weapons : SAC
Detonics CQC Pistol


Cool items @ Mainstore

Wings : SOLE
A – AH Wing ring 01

Accessories : zeroichi
V Goggle

Hair : no.match

Pose : SAC
Two-Hand Poses

桃の節句 -Momo no Sekku-

High resolution images are on Flickr.

In Japan, March 3rd is “Peach Festival -桃の節句 / Momo no Sekku-“, and “雛祭 Hinamatsuri” is held at each family to pray for the healthy growth of children by decorating Hina dolls.The hairpin is a peach flower.The background decoration is “吊るし雛 hanging Hina doll”.

Thanks to the creators for their wonderful works♡

Available in 8 Textures Hud Resizer/Position
Blue, Green, Magnolia, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, White
Exclusive at [TOKYO ZERO] 10 – 25 Feb

no.match_ ~ NO_GAMES
Exclusive at Fameshed X 10 Feb – 6 Mar

[SHIFUKU] Antique Kimono
@[SHIFUKU] Main store

:..Silvery K..:tsurushi hina
@Silvery K Main store

:studiOneiro: Portrait A set /poses
@studiOneiro Main store

Early spring -早春-

High resolution images are on Flickr.
High resolution images are on Flickr.

POISON ROUGE Sakura Headpiece, Sakura Pin Hair
@TOKYO ZERO 10 – 25 Jan. 2022

EXiA * Kimono Hanabusa
Anc.Ltd “Ukiyoe” Pine tree
Chubee Monster 数寄屋門
@Japonica 25 Dec – 23 Jan


@NO.MATCH Main store

.:(CW):. Jaylen Pearl Party Clutch Bag
@Celestinas Weddings

Winter light

High resolution images are on Flickr.
High resolution images are on Flickr.

LUXE Paris SKINSOFT Blouse, Skirtt
@LUXE Paris Main store

Zibska Mariette Necklace, Earring
@blanc. Event 28 Dec – 25 Jan

@UBER 23 Dec – 22 Jan

Synnergy Shabby Chic Backdrop
@Synnergy Main store

Shining snow

High resolution images are on Flickr.
High resolution images are on Flickr.

(Hud Resizer/Position 8 gem textures)
no.match_ ~ NO_FAITH
@Tres Chic 17 Dec – 10 Jan

[RNK]Lace Kimono

violetta. Ten HD Lips (Lelutka Evo/EvoX)
violetta. Umi Skin
violetta. Tou Blush
@Japonica 25 Dec – 23 Jan

Location : Japonica


The word ZIRAN means “nature” in Chinese.
The natural state of the constantly unfolding universe and of all things within it when both are allowed to develop in accord with the Cosmic Way……(WRITTEN BY Matt Stefon)

I shot men’s suits and women’s dresses at the Ling Xiao Long SIM in Fantasy fair 2021.

ZIRANとは、中国語で「自然」という意味。世界とそこに内包される全ては、宇宙の法則に基づいて絶えず展開している・・・(WRITTEN BY Matt Stefon)

ペアでデザインされたメンズスーツとドレスを、ファンタジーフェアのLing Xiao Long SIMにて撮影しました。

ZIRAN Dress / LUXE Paris
ZIRAN Suit / LUXE Paris
C.Zuri’s Summer Moon Bracelet
Sheedra’s Horns (Fantasy Faire 2021 Quest Gift) / .EscalateD.
.::GB:: Ryujin Dragon / Gabriel
Hair : ~ NO_SILVER ~ / no.match
Hair : Knox / Exile
Location : Paer Thura SIM in Fantasy Fair 2021