Homura-mai 焔舞

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EXiA * Homura Kimono
EXiA * Oiran Geta
cinphul // mystique comb, loop, fork and pin
KMH – Hair F177
-Garden- by anc “sakari” spider lily
@NEO Japan Sep 25, 2021 – Oct 17, 2021

.WARETA. Koi Collection – Earring
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UZME_Poses Oriental Set#2
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Okinawa Taketomijima

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Taketomi-Jima country house / make a mark
Asanoha Yukata Red / EXiA
013_earring / Temaring
candied fruit skewers / kotte
Ramune Hearts / Schadenfreude
Fireworks Set Ver.2.2 / GUARAN-DOU
Helianthus aamilee / konoha
Cyber furin v2 / (:ERG:)
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Gwin Hair / [monso]
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七夕 -Tanabata-

High resolution images are on Flickr. https://flic.kr/p/2m9rRxL

Tune 🎧 https://youtu.be/MlV1-Z-cJHA

Early July in Japan.
Hydrangea blooms, fireflies dance, rainy season.

And there is a legend of 七夕(Tanabata) .
It’s a love story between “Orihime and Hikobosi”, the daughter of God and the man who is a cowherd. The two were so absorbed in love that they were separated by God on both sides of the Milky Way. They can meet across the Milky Way only once a year on Tanabata. They are also constellations, the daughter of God is Vega and the cowherd man is Altair.

If it rains on Tanabata, the river will overflow and the two will not be able to meet. So they hope the Tanabata day will clear up. And Japanese people have come to write their wishes on paper and tie them to bamboo branches in Tanabata.

Even today, many Tanabata festivals are held all over Japan. Tanabata is July 7th.

Ajisai Yukata / EXiA
Hydrangea Head Dress / Naminoke
Hair F169 / KMH
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Hydrangea in Rain Earrings / catNap
Hydrangea Drop Bracelet / catNap
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UZME poses kimono #1
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